51 Responses to “Call of Duty @ GameSpot – Modern Warfare 3 – Call of Duty Elite Demo – (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)”

  1. pablitopnl says:

    Hey guys if you have any questions about Cod elite, Check out my channel :)

  2. MrScruppie says:

    IF ANYONE HAS THE 1 YEAR COD ELITE SEND ME A MESSAGE ON YOUTUBE IF U WANT TO JOIN THE ELITE CLAN WE ARE LEVEL 8. At level 10 we get GOLD Clantag. and we also have a sweet custom title

  3. LastResortStudios says:

    Is the only way to level up your clan to be a Premium Member? Because I just made a clan and am a Free user of Elite and was wondering if there is any way to level up my clan

  4. TurkeysAreChicken says:

    @wildpocket It still does not work, you cant link your MW3 elite account to you tube it says oops it has failed. D:

  5. KingZode says:

    does anyone know if it will ever work? it still dsnt work for me

  6. cookiesumair says:


    wave 38 solo on Resistance world record ?

  7. travis83ist says:

    Yeah ya ll got my 50 bucks this year but you won’t get it again.

  8. funnyclown1234 says:

    payed 50 bucks and the site doesn’t even work. at least i get free map packs……….unless they fuck that up too

  9. xRAIDENx65x says:

    who the fuck is gonna pay 50 bucks. why dose this cost so much money

  10. dudeonthasopha says:

    @touahmed absolutely not. its like 50 bucks a year

  11. XxlilRickyxX says:

    this shit is a big fail to the cod community!!!!

  12. AirsoftFacts says:

    I got a Call of Duty ad, when watching a Call of Duty video, on Call of Duty .com

  13. xPoKeTaLenTz says:

    Good Vid… But too bad Black Ops Sucks

  14. RBKluuzGH says:


  15. Ryanmercer111 says:

    do u know how to deltede it cod elite

  16. hytackerable says:

    @halo887 you dont have to! you have enter your elite code (not founder code, but the code at the back of the little book that was included in your hardend pack) In the playstation store. if you did this before the 13th. you get the founder status. if you still what the founder status (i think so:P) first do al of this, then enter the founder code on elite site (i think) but elite is f*ck up right now so i stille havent done that either..

  17. halo887 says:

    I can lo in! where do I enter in my founder status code?!?!?

  18. TheFatCheetah says:

    Can’t log in
    WEBSITE Says:
    We’re experiencing peak traffic at this time. Please check back at a different time of day for a greater chance of getting back into the fight

  19. johnmostafa says:

    i try to log in to my elte but it said we have high volume player ..try again later dos anyone knows why?

  20. MultiDemon55 says:

    CoD E”LeeT”

  21. MultiDemon55 says:

    @TheSNAKEMAN14 i no. scam elite.

  22. touahmed says:

    I don’t know what it is guys and I don’t want to spen 30 min to know that, but whatever it is, is it free with the game to use full features? Thanks.

  23. MrChipmunk546 says:

    what is call of duty elite and what does it do??

  24. MrRenchead says:

    does anyone know if you have to buy elite to get the dlc for mw3

  25. SimonInGear says:

    Yea, sounds great and all… but, WHAT THE HELL DOES “THROTTLED” MEAN???

  26. pistolrocshot88 says:

    fuck my dick itch

  27. alquiora says:

    ffs… after 50 seconds of shitty commentary I’m off to search for other walkthrough

  28. wv1ps says:

    Lol i was wanting bf3 but i also wanted mw3 so i closed my eyes and picked one and got mw3 :) i am happy

  29. Uraahhh says:

    Hey everyone view my channel and view all my vids and comment, rate, and subscribe, inbox me and tell me how i do!! Gamertag- qet it in (with a Q) , spanks

  30. ivertualgamer says:

    cod sucks

  31. EstevanDino says:

    I wanna play this!:D

  32. snakey312 says:

    idk about you guys but im amazed nikolai wasnt drunk lol

  33. fatefire56 says:


  34. fatefire56 says:

    he likes the word bullshit. i Like the word BOARSHIT!

  35. kristopherfjshm70 says:

    BULLSHIT! correct

  36. ShinsenKatanaMaster says:

    stupid red neck

  37. mdak91 says:


  38. adam0141371 says:

    how do you know who the bad guys are

  39. craftinGods says:

    Eny body need a clan I have one. We are a serous clan we have clan battles and are going to be on elite if u want a try out add ThRaShEr-DgK ( DgK is not my clan you get to know once you get in the clan) pluse u don’t have to make a know Acount. We play mw3 and 2 and black ops so join today:)

  40. UnknownBrutaL says:


  41. ShabMaghrib says:

    thumbs up for BillytheCrayon i like you man you playing awesome :)

  42. kingspooky1986 says:

    lmfaoooo!! you suck dude! u cant even pass the game in veteran ! which for me was like candy ! to pass the game in 4 hours! and that with breaks and stuff !

  43. Goodsource24 says:

    this is so dark how the hell can you see turn up the brightness

  44. ziphon11 says:

    5 people are Russian

  45. davidricaurte says:

    Tha games looks Awesome but this guys AIM SUCKS, It;s a shame there is no BABY MODE for him to play.

  46. zjjvt says:

    vetran=you will not survive

  47. thebrowntrainer says:

    Nice work man! Haven’t played the game yet but when I saw the gun being pulled out in the beginning, it’s gfx were awesome! Thumbs up if you think the weapon physics is great as ever

  48. Dince91 says:

    why are there meters on this game. shouldn’t it be feet in the USA?

  49. Goodsource24 says:

    your funny the bloods and the crips

  50. Goodsource24 says:

    lol yes it is nikolai the guy who u had to save

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