50 Responses to “MW3 MAPS PREVIEW: DOME – Modern Warfare 3 Map Gameplay, Review, List & Breakdown NEW”

  1. sanosatokenshin says:

    hey noob its called payback kill

  2. ichigomonster12 says:

    pause at 1:38 and look at the top right there is money when he dies wtf.

  3. ichigomonster12 says:

    it is my fav

  4. thexcommenterx1 says:

    @iMW3Glitches oh thx bro :D

  5. meganorbert13 says:

    want MW3? get one on verizz.info !!
    hurry up !!

  6. iMW3Glitches says:

    @thexcommenterx1 Famous players from youtube were allowed to play before the game was out.
    He mentioned that he was at COD XP , whitch was that. He may have recorded it while he was playing at COD XP , and then just put a commentary over it [;

  7. thexcommenterx1 says:

    ok i might sound like a dumbass, but how the hell was this vid posted in october?? the game wasnt even released…??

  8. Wicked1865 says:

    @unevenhuman28xL ::;Sketchy:’:;

  9. INFERred8 says:

    @immilessmiles 4realz ..my b-day is 2 days after from yours :D …happy late b-day :)

  10. unevenhuman28xL says:




  11. Miroysti says:

    I can’t press the “like” button, because I don’t know where it is, I see only “Tykkään” button. Thumbs up if you’re from Finland, the BEST country in the world!

  12. lildavid98tg says:

    what a skyrim ad

  13. XtReMeHoMiCiDeX says:

    @xDolphinDive fku

  14. zetachi001 says:

    omfg i want my mw3 my uncle suppose to send me it

  15. startrekwarsmixguy says:

    MW3 had potential, but alas it was not to be, now i have a reason to dust off black ops…

  16. crow56ify says:

    Free $500 giftcard at gamestop-giftcards(dot)co(dot)cc

  17. zzirgreece says:

    ump is my favorite

  18. immilessmiles says:

    btw u posted this on my b-day

  19. immilessmiles says:

    u suck…

  20. gangsta1081 says:

    I recon ur a sub machine type of guy try it out u might own

  21. redeyestint says:

    @1FIFA234 If your already a fan of COD games you may enjoy this game if your good but I have both and playing MW3 after BF3 made me feel claustrophobic

  22. kabluwi says:

    Not a big fan of the maps, l only like 2 or 3

  23. SuperAlec28 says:

    i hate that map we trapped in the warehouse and it took half the game to get out

  24. PaintballPeopleSquad says:

    @Mshetty313 no idea, dont have the game, and i sold my ps3 :p

  25. mw3dabomb says:

    i just have a qustion is it true that when u hit like a wall or something with a rpg it brakes down

  26. CODofMW3 says:

    Hey guys, we have uploaded 8 MW3 video’s! We’d appreciate it if you could leave some feedback! We will be uploading our very first commentary, after 50 subs! As of now, we have 35 subscribers!

  27. TheJakeistheboss says:

    I liked this video mostly because it gives you information that you need to know for when you get MW3 witch is really useful

  28. CraftedEvil says:


  29. mattorres715 says:

    i wonder wich mw3 game i should get it for; xbox or wii or both

  30. IllegalAssasin22 says:

    @arnu93eriks yes the name
    nah just kidding there is a huge difference

  31. ImOnXbox3 says:

    Hate the boring sound of the UMP45 now :(

  32. SFD46 says:

    @RAETARDEDCAnDy and 3 seconds

  33. heartshapedlife1 says:

    @LethalWarrior9 My loss of boredom.

  34. LethalWarrior9 says:

    @heartshapedlife1 your loss.

  35. K1LL3R0ATC4KE says:


  36. thewatcher1190 says:


  37. guntop4488 says:

    wear to twitter

  38. guntop4488 says:

    you are cool 16 maps

  39. RAETARDEDCAnDy says:

    1 hour 33 mins seriously

  40. heartshapedlife1 says:

    @moldycheese9065 Call of Duty is better. Screw shitty battlefield.

  41. arnu93eriks says:

    I wonder is there any huge diffrent between mw2 and mw3? >.>

  42. quickordinance4Rs says:




  43. dugless77 says:

    @moldycheese9065 you messed up its bf3 sucks ass play mw3

  44. pistolrocshot88 says:

    @moldycheese9065 ik right wtf

  45. moldycheese9065 says:

    mw3 sucks ass play bf3

  46. calle34able says:

    Free $500 giftcard at gamestop-giftcards(dot)co(dot)cc

  47. musicnl100 says:

    thubs up if you see the full vid!!

  48. poopbuDDiesfan says:

    @frenze1945 can I see ? XD

  49. Splahsgv says:

    Your right I am worried about using my time productively because you never know when that time might run out. I clicked on an hour and a half long video, watched about 10min of it, and then viewed comments for about 20min. My point being that I clicked on this video because I wanted to
    A. Get a point across
    B. Because I was bored and I don’t always use my time wisely.
    C. Play responsibly is my point, unlike myself.

  50. thePraxidike says:

    Fuck this shit. Go BF3.

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